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Hey there! I'm CoolKid7312 and I play Geometry Dash. I also make music and play other video games in my free time. I would also like to be a video game developer. I hope you enjoy :)

Aspiring Game Dev.

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Hey everyone.

This is an announcement from me in about four months. I highly recommend you read this post in its entirety, because it will discuss a lot of topics.

Firstly, I have decided to cancel "Mind the Step". I intended for it to be an animated series featuring four people: it was a good idea thinking about it, but making the episodes is a bit of a struggle, so I decided to quit while I was ahead. I'm sorry to everyone involved.

Next, I am not going to be making music for the next few months. It's undecided when I'll be making music again, but let me explain why I'm taking a break. I only have the trial version of FL Studio 20 on my PC, which means I can't save projects to work on later, resulting in hastily produced songs by me. I plan to buy a MacBook or an iPhone so I can use GarageBand to make music. The user interface on GarageBand is more intuitive and user friendly than FL Studio. Plus, it's free so that's another bonus.

Finally, I decided to work on a new game named "Ice Cream Shot". In the game, you control a bottle of vanilla syrup and you have to shoot enemies (targets) as they appear on screen. You move your mouse to aim and click to shoot. I would like to make the music for the game and ask MrNannings to help me with it. There will be 25 levels each awarding 10 points with the exception of the final level which awards 25 points (cool idea i did there, right?). MrNannings, if you're reading this, I am really not that experienced with Unity, so I would love it if you helped me make this game and bring it to life.

So basically, to summarise, "Mind the Step" is cancelled, I am taking a break from music, and "Ice Cream Shot" is pretty much postponed until further notice. Congrats on making it this far! I hope you learnt something from this announcement I made.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day! 💙


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